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Finally we got the chance to shoot with a tall female bodybuilder. She is Olga Kurkulina. Olga lives in Israel, but she has a Russian background. She is 188 cm tall (about 6'2"). She competes for the NAC federation. Her video contains original workout with and without weights.

Mikayla Miles has been the first strong tall muscular woman that have decided to be listed here. She is a fitness model, very attractive and athletic woman. She lives in Usa and as you can see she has strong muscles. We think she is one of the most sexy and tall muscular woman in the world. Here you can admire some pics of the tall amazon Mikayla.

Double biceps of Mikayala The bicep of Mikayala

Transitioning from a competitive runner where her roots stems from in fitness all together, Staci Nicole began her quest to become a bodybuilder over 4 years ago. She has always trained with weights and fitness. However, she began to work towards the heavy weight aspect of bodybuilding for growth, size and more competitive competitions. Standing a tall muscular lean 5'10 at 165 pounds, her continued growth is a sweep for many trainers who seem to admire the dedication of this mother of 3. Watch her grow with regular updated pics of her growth and physical metamorphosis as she transforms this body right!

Nicole Staci in jeans Nicole Staci with shorts

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